Sunday, January 4, 2009

Scarlet's Trip to the ER

Last week Scarlet made her first trip to the emergency room. She was playing hide and go seek with mom in her room on December 30th, slipped and hit her head on the dresser. We thought everything was OK until we saw that she was bleeding from a small gash in her forehead. It looked a little deep so we decided to forgo the planned dinner with family and take her to the Liberty Hospital ER. Scarlet was in a great mood and played for 4 hours before we were finally seen by a doctor. The cut took 7 stitches - which she was not a big fan of as they stitched her up - and after 5 1/2 hours in the ER we went home. Sunday, January 4th, she had the stitches taken out and all looks good now. I took some pictures with my phone only because she was in a great mood and I thought she might like to see then when she is older. Jayme thought it was crazy of me to take the pictures in the first place but she has asked me several times if I had posted them to the web!

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